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*New Income Stream for Estate Agents

*No SELLING REQUIRED! Just hand client brochure and encourage client to use your unique Discount Code for further savings of the listed price.

*Client goes onto our web site for details and calls our customer service with their questions.

*Customer uses Discount Code to receive $400 off price and the code links the Agent to the sale to receive $500 commission.


Factory2Home is offering your agency and agents a NEW INCOME STREAM. 

We are different from others retailers because we offer top quality furniture which has been previously made for Australia, New Zealand and USA markets and now offer these items to the HONG KONG market  with free delivery to your flat at amazing prices .


Agents do not need to sell the product but only hands the client a brochure as an additional service provided by the agency.  The client must go on our web site ( and order the products.  All questions regarding the products can be answered by our web site and our customer service staff.


Once you sign up with us, you are provided a unique discount code.  You must tell your client to use the discount code so they will receive a further $400 HKD off our published prices.  The unique discount code links this customer sale back to each agent so they can receive a commission of $500 HKD per sale.

IT’s That Simple!


5 Sizes and 2 Different Supports for Clients to choose.
- Single, Double, Queen, King and *Special King in both Medium and Firm support
Price Range: $3700 - $6900HKD after using your unique Discount Code
Delivered Free to your client’s door.

*Special King is a unique mattress construction to allow a King Size bed to fit inside an elevator and flats easily.  It comes in three pieces that zip together to create the EXACT same construction as a standard King Bed.  

What Makes our Mattress Special!

We are offering top quality mattress construction that you pay $25,000 to $75,000 HKD if you go into BRAND Name stores like Simmons and Sealy.  Our construction has a spring and coil system with a supportive structure topper.   Our mattress is 30cm thick and DO NOT FOLD likes cheaper models which do not offer proper body support.

We are offering the HONG KONG market this amazing quality at prices between $3700 to $6900 which is equal or below current inferior mattress found in Hong Kong today.


If an agent wants to purchase a mattress to try it out, you will receive a DISCOUNT OF $700 on the first mattress you purchase.  You need to contact us at to receive this Discount Coupon to use when you order online.

How to Receive Commission

We will provide you brochures regarding our product in English and Chinese.
You will be given a Unique Discount Code that you will need to write on each brochure before giving to your client.
It is important that you encourage your client to use this Discount Coupon. This should be easy since you will inform them that they will receive $400 reduction in their price when using this code when they order online.
Once the customer orders their product with this code, the sale is linked to the agent using the Discount Coupon.
Commission payments will be sent one time per month to each agent.
The commission fee can be set up where the agency receives a percentage of the commission for each sale with the agent receiving the majority.

What we offer Agents to Start

We provide you with brochures in English and Chinese
We set you up with unique coupon codes to write on your brochures before you hand them out
We provide free small mattress samples that can be put inside the office if needed to show clients.


Please sign up to receive your brochures and unique Discount Code.

Once you have made your first sale, our customer support will call you to ask for your banking details for payment.

New product ranges are being added all the time and we will then provide updated brochures to your agency as well.    Contact with any questions.

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